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Offshore Industry Solutions

Offshore Industry Safety, Risk and Compliance Solutions

Reliable Solutions for High-Performance Assets

Complex offshore assets require careful maintenance and asset management strategies to optimize performance, reliability and profitability over their complete lifecycle. Our dedicated Offshore team employs a comprehensive risk-based approach to help you achieve maximum uptime with lower OPEX costs in a safer and more compliant manner.

We offer data-driven risk and reliability solutions to help you optimize asset performance, preserve integrity and enhance profitability over the complete lifecycle. Our solutions are based on specialized engineering analysis and real-world, hands-on operational experience.

An Innovative Approach to Asset Integrity Management (AIM)—Our asset integrity engineers use a comprehensive risk-based methodology to help you maximize uptime while lowering OPEX costs in a safer and compliant manner.

Optimizing Asset Reliability, Performance and Efficiency

Offshore drilling and production assets require careful asset maintenance and management strategies to support their reliability, efficiency and profitability while keeping safety and compliance at the forefront of consideration. To help our clients achieve these goals, we offer a comprehensive suite of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) tools and services, as well as objective advice based on specialized engineering analysis and practical operational experience.

For over 45 years, we have cultivated relationships with local and international regulatory agencies by providing our expertise to develop guidelines now widely accepted across the offshore industry. We implement our insights and best practices to enhance safety policies and processes for asset owners, operators and drilling contractors worldwide. Our technology-based solutions also help clients manage their operational, security and catastrophic risks so their assets can deliver optimal financial performance, minimize the potential adverse environmental impact of their business activities and improve operational performance.

Asset Integrity Management Services

Improving Production Uptime

Maintaining your asset's integrity can be a significant challenge without a robust asset performance optimization and integrity management program. Our integrated AIM solution can help decrease cost, improve operational performance, prevent downtime and increase efficiency. Using an ROI-focused methodology, our team will develop an AIM program so support structural, mechanical, machine and control systems integrity.

Mitigating Risk in Challenging Environments—We provide a full range of support services to identify, manage and mitigate risk coupled with a suite of safety management and contingency planning activities for offshore assets operating in extreme load conditions.

Understanding the Full Risk Picture

Through our holistic approach to understanding the full risk picture, our AIM program covers the key elements of people, processes, systems, technology and governance structure across your organization. Our approach is also data-driven, providing asset owners with a solid understanding of an asset's condition so that sound management decisions can drive safer, responsible and more compliant operations.

Through standalone or integrated packages, we can provide:

  • Assessment of the current asset integrity framework
  • Benchmarking of the integrity maturity relative to industry peers
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Development of improvement programs
  • Technical support during implementation
  • Extreme loads and structual risk support
  • Innovative approach to addressing safety, risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Data analytics and data management

Safety, Risk and Compliance Services

With decades of oil and gas experience, we are committed to providing technical solutions to the global Offshore industry that support safer, more responsible and compliant assets and operations. We offer a suite of Safety, Risk and Compliance services and contingency planning activities for fixed platforms, mobile offshore drilling units and floating production facilities.

Wide Scope of Regulatory Knowledge

We can help you identify, manage and mitigate offshore related risks. Our subject matter experts have a broad range of expertise and knowledge of marine and offshore industry regulations covering the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf and Gulf of Mexico, offshore Brazil and other South American countries, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions.

Full Spectrum of Compliance Services

ABS Group's integrated capabilities span the full spectrum of safety, risk and compliance management. Our team is well equipped to guide clients through the process of meeting the regulatory obligations for building, operating and maintaining assets in any of the primary offshore development areas worldwide. We are also prepared to help our clients respond to and manage offshore emergencies and incident investigations.

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