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Offshore Asset Integrity: Do You Have An Effective AIM Program?

ABS Group Marine and Offshore Services

Offshore Asset Integrity Management

Do you have an effective AIM program?

An effective AIM program decreases maintenance costs, improves operational performance and ultimately reduces downtime.

Asset Integrity for offshore operations is critical to mitigating risk. By evaluating and assessing offshore equipment and mechanical integrity programs, you can identify crucial gaps and deficiencies.

"We help clients recognize problems they did not know they had," says Clint Botard, Engineering Lead, Asset Integrity Management (AIM) at ABS Group. "Once we do that, we are able to provide solutions that not only meet their needs but also comply with standards and regulations that are common within the industry."

Maintaining your asset's integrity can be a significant challenge without a robust asset performance optimization and integrity management program. Our approach is data-driven, providing asset owners with a solid understanding of an asset's condition so that sound management decisions can drive safer, responsible and more reliable operations.

"We strive to help our clients preserve the right to operate and ensure profitable and efficient operations."

Watch a video of Clint discussing how we are supporting offshore asset integrity.
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