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MIDAS Software

MIDAS Software

ABS Group has over four decades of domain expertise as a recognized leader in developing and implementing new programs and services related to site, environmental, and emergency planning activities for the energy sector. Building on our knowledge of process safety risks in marine and offshoreoil, gas and chemical, power generation and nuclear facilities, our proprietary Meteorological Information and Dose Assessment System (MIDAS) dispersion risk modeling software helps industrial operators understand and mitigate the risk of a rare and catastrophic incident, such as a chemical release, to drive safety, risk and compliance.

MIDAS Dispersion Risk Modeling Software

MIDAS is an automated software package capable of calculating the environmental impact of chemical releases under routine or accident conditions (including terrorist threats). MIDAS is designed to quickly produce real-time estimates of plume location and intensity for immediate use by plant staff and emergency response organizations.

MIDAS can be used in a simulation mode for training exercises and planning purposes. Meteorological and effluent data are transmitted directly to MIDAS from monitors at and around the site. MIDAS samples, processes and stores these input data. As data are collected, quality control checks are made to flag bad data and identify potential problems. After completion of the calculations, the resulting plume location and intensity are displayed graphically as color overlays on site maps. MIDAS uses preprogrammed site-specific dispersion models, along with multiple real-time data input, to estimate impacts over long distances and extended time periods, if necessary.

Understanding Catastrophic Risk

Although rare in occurance, several recent events have catapulted safety, security and emergency response to the forefront of regulatory and market changes. In Japan, a historical earthquake and subsequent tsunami demonstrated the vulnerability of nuclear facilities. As a result, governments and other public stakeholders must react to assure greater safety features and better emergency preparedness and response. MIDAS has been and will continue to be at the forefront of these measures. The tool produces a graphic display of area maps surrounding a processing plant or energy facility in order to show the potential path a plume may take should there be a release.

MIDAS Anti-Terrorism

MIDAS-AT models radiological, industrial chemical, chemical and biological agent releases to the atmosphere, inside buildings and in urban terrain environments. The software component also has the capability to collect digital data from sensors and provide appropriate alarms and displays.

  • Full spectrum of weapons of mass destruction and industrial chemicals
  • Real-time inside building model calculation and display
  • City model (canyon-like effects and hazard predictions in real-time)
  • Online weather tower, sensor, GPS and digital automation
  • Easy to use and highly customizable

MIDAS Software Benefits and Features

Emergency Planning

Key to any industrial facility is its emergency planning, and MIDAS has been a vital component in the emergency planning and response activities of more than 50 nuclear plants. With many years of field and implementation experience, ABS Group can assist in the development of drill scenarios, emergency procedures and other drill activities. We work with site personnel to develop accident scenarios, provide training sessions and assist with matters related to meteorology, health physics, plant design and effluent monitoring. Reports generated by MIDAS are customized to provide protective action recommendations for notification to offsite authorities.

Dispersion Models

MIDAS incorporates atmospheric dispersion models that are used for specific site conditions. Meteorological and plan effluent data are used in the dispersion models to project doses. Plots are generated on site-specific maps. The user has complete control of map scale and other map features. For example, the particle-in-cell model features the capability to estimate transport and dispersion of releases made into a non-uniform, 3-D wind field.

Hardware Options

MIDAS Software is portable and supported on most computer platforms. Because of its modular design, MIDAS can be configured to satisfy a variety of needs, including data collection and display and environmental dose calculations for routine or accidental release assessment. MIDAS can run in inexpensive, standalone systems or networks as an alternative to larger process computers. Remote access to any MIDAS task is available on multitasked systems. 

Compliance Management Services

Our experienced team provides asset reliability consulting, enterprise asset management system upgrades, NERC compliance and other safety services to help clients navigate a complex and evolving market environment. Through these integrated services, we help asset owners achieve and sustain operational excellence, identify performance enhancements, mitigate risk and comply with regulations. Learn more about our Compliance Management services. 

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