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Other Markets

Other Markets

ABS Group provides multidisciplinary services for a variety of asset-intensive markets. We apply our expertise to create practical solutions in the areas of safety, risk and integrity management for clients operating in both highly technical and highly regulated industries. See what other markets trust us to deliver sound technical advice through a range of unique capabilities.

Aerospace and Automotive

Our operating subsidiary, ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE), delivers certification, inspection, audit services, vendor's assessments and training to the aerospace and automotive industries. ABS QE's experienced auditors can provide the business assurance companies need to confirm that their systems and equipment meet the relevant quality and safety requirements and international standards.

Commercial Properties

As a leading global provider of risk management services, our Advanced Engineering division works with designers and developers to ensure safety and reduce risk on their commerical projects. We also provide support for legal professionals, insurance companies and regulators through incident investigation, cause analysis and expert witness services. 

Critical Infrastructure, Processes and Transportation

In addition to the oil, gas and chemical sector, we serve clients in a variety of process industries for critical infrastructure and other commercial products, including the paper, water/wastewater and multi-mode transportation sectors. We help companies in these markets deploy major capital projects, comply with the applicable regulatory requirements and improve profitability through more reliable and efficient processes.

Mining and Metallurgical

As an independent, global provider of safety, risk, and integrity management services, ABS Group also serves the mining and metallurgical industries with objective and accurate advice from a multidisciplinary team located in more than 30 countries. We assist clients with managing risk in mining operations through source inspections and factory acceptance testing (FAT) to seismic and structural risk analysis. As an example of our work, and a proud moment for us, ABS Group provided verification design and construction support services for the capsules used to rescue 33 miners in Chile in 2010.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

From assessing the current state of maintenance and asset management practices to implementing major computerized maintenance management systems and technology, GenesisSolutions, an ABS Group Company, helps clients in the pharmaceutical industry and other life sciences develop long-term enterprise asset management strategies.

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