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Software Solutions for Operational Risk Management

Safety and Risk Management Software Solutions

At a Glance

  • Industry leader in Fleet Management solutions for global maritime and offshore
  • Enterprise asset management and systems expertise from 100+ implementations
  • Modeling capabilities for industrial, anti-terrorism and natural disaster risk management
  • PHA and risk management software to address potential threats to security, business, health and environmental hazards     

The Data-Driven Journey to Operational Excellence

ABS Group and ABS Nautical Systems have developed software solutions and mobile applications to manage a range of operational challenges, from regulatory compliance and efficiency needs in the global marine and offshore industries to high-risk, high-consequence scenarios in industrial manufacturing and oil, gas and chemical processes.

Our data-driven solutions and capabilities include the maritime industry's leading fleet management software modules, deep domain expertise in implementing EAM systems, processes and maintenance strategies, and risk management support leveraging proven hazard evaluation methods. Whether improving safety practices and crew member tasks onboard your vessel or monitoring automated systems in a manufacturing facility, ABS Group offers the latest digital tools to manage risk in real time for safer, more reliable and compliant asset and operations. 

ABS Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software

ABS Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software

ABS Nautical Systems provides the maritime industry's most comprehensive and modernized fleet management software solutions for optimizing vessel maintenance and prioritizing crew safety and risk. From best practice workflows to measuring the effectiveness of your EAM system, the Nautical Systems product line is designed to deliver key business intelligence that enhances decision-making and drives sustainable compliance. As a next-generation software platform, available on any device, anywhere, at any time, NS is moving the fleet forward. Learn more about ABS Nautical Systems.

Explore Solutions for Any Size Fleet

LEADER PHA Software Solution

LEADER PHA Software Solution

For 25+ years, our LEADER™ PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) software has provided an efficient, cost-effective solution for conducting comprehensive hazard analyses that comply with OSHA and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. When used frequently for Management of Change reviews and pre-startup safety reviews, LEADER allows plant/facility personnel to meet company standards and regulatory requirements in the shortest time available, optimizing both efficiency and performance. Discover how LEADER PHA software addresses your organization's safety, risk and compliance needs.

Manage Compliance with LEADER

Thesis Bowtie Software Solution

Bowtie Risk Management Software Solutions

We provide a number of techniques and enterprise risk management tools to help you identify, analyze and manage hazards, including our partner software Bowtie Master. The cloud based software utilizes the qualitative Bowtie methodology to display the relationship between hazards, controls, risk reduction measures and business activities, helping managers communicate critical procedures and individual responsibilities to employees and demonstrate compliance across all levels of an organization.

Reduce Risk with Bowtie Master

IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo

GenesisSolutions is a fully authorized IBM Gold Business Partner with a large team of Maximo certified implementation and infrastructure professionals. We work with asset-intensive organizations to develop comprehensive maintenance strategies and incorporate business processes into the Maximo CMMS application.

Discover Maximo Solutions

HxGN EAM (Formerly Infor EAM)

Our EAM team has implemented the HxGn EAM software in a variety of facilities and environments, including in the Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Energy and Transportation sectors. We have partnered with organizations to develop and deploy Infor EAM globally with a common master configuration spanning multiple continents, while supporting multi-language requirements.

Discover HxGN EAM

MIDAS Software

MIDAS Software

Our Meteorological Information and Dose Assessment System (MIDAS) dispersion modeling software helps industrial operators understand and mitigate the risk of a rare and catastrophic incident, such as a chemical release, to drive safety, risk and compliance. Learn more about this risk management solution for the oil, gas and chemical sector, nuclear and other energy-related process industries. 

Discover MIDAS Software

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