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Risk Matters X.0 Podcast

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Risk Matters X.0 is a podcast focused on understanding how risk affects us today and into the next decade. Join us as we talk all things risk and why it matters to the people, businesses and industries that sustain our world.

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Government risk analysts Jake Stenzler (left) and Matt Mowrer discuss how we perceive hazardous risks during the pandemic.

Episode 2 - Risk Perception and COVID-19 Impact: Let's talk 'Risk Perception' as we confront COVID-19. Go behind-the-scenes to understand how risk professionals look at public safety threats using real-life data to debunk common fears. "Our goal is to provide objective data about risk to if I come across as callous in this discussion, it's just part of it," - Restart Risk Model developer Matt Mowrer speaks to host Jake Stenzler, who leads a team of safety and risk analysts working closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and the Coast Guard.

Brennan, Miletello and Bramson at USCG Sector New York at historic Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, February 27, 2020

Episode 1 - U.S. Coast Guard: Let's talk 'cyber risk.' What is it and what does the threat landscape look like today? Host Ian Bramson, head of cyber security at ABS Group, takes on a topic that's created a lot of confusion over the last 20 years. In this episode, he sits down with Lieutenant Commander Sarah Brennan and Emily Miletello, Attorney, at the U.S. Coast Guard to ask how the government is monitoring cyber risk as a threat to operations and how we can stay informed.


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