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Go Beyond Reliability - Supporting Critical Infrastructure Worldwide

ABS Group delivers data-driven solutions to help you eliminate uncertainty in your operations. Safety, risk and integrity management are at the core of what we do. ABS Group began providing non-classification marine technical services in 1971. Over the decades, our range of services expanded to support the diverse industrial and government clients that power, fuel and regulate our world.

Today, ABS Group provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help our clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of their critical assets and operations.

Partnering for Success in Pharma 4.0

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve and embrace the digital age, the concept of Pharma 4.0 has emerged as a driving force behind innovation, efficiency, and growth. At the heart of this transformation is the need for reliable, safe, and compliant operations that can meet the demands of a dynamic and complex market. However, achieving reliability in the context of Pharma 4.0 is no easy feat, as companies must navigate a range of challenges, from new technologies and processes to changing regulations and market pressures. That's where ABS Group comes in.

Our roadmap to reliability is designed to help companies succeed in Pharma 4.0 by providing innovative solutions, deep industry expertise, and a commitment to operational excellence. 

Asset Reliability Services

We engineer asset reliability programs that maximize equipment life and minimize scheduled and unscheduled downtime. Explore our approach for optimizing asset performance using advanced technologies to build and maintain best-in-class Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems.

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Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Our comprehensive EAM strategy planning and process consulting include assessing your organization's current situation to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for return on investment and preparing multi-year asset performance management software and strategies.

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Abbott Laboratories

  • 16+ year partnership
  • 5000+ users
  • 50+ sites
  • Multi-language
  • Global maintenance excellence program


  • EAM strategy design
  • Global IBM Maximo system
  • Implementation, upgrades, integrations and site rollouts

AbbVie, Inc. 

  • 10+ year partnership

  • Global IBM Maximo system

  • Implementation, upgrades, integrations and site rollouts

  • 4,000+ users


  • 30+ sites
  • Failure catalog implementation
  • Automated testing deployment
  • Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)
  • Multi-language training delivery

Baxter  Healthcare

  • 14+ year partnership

  • Gap analysis & standardization

  • IBM Maximo implementation, upgrades, integrations and site rollouts


  • 3,000+ users
  • 20+ sites
  • Migration to AWS
  • Calibration program enhancement

Bunge Management Services, Inc.

  • 70 facilities worldwide

  • Onsite reliability gap assessments

  • Site-specific Tactical Improvement Plan (“TIP”) Development


  • Gap Analyses
  • ROI Development
  • Annual savings resulted in ~17% of the annual maintenance budget

Pfizer, Inc. 

  • 20+ year partnership

  • Global EAM system implementation, upgrades, integrations and site rollouts

  • 8,000+ users

  • 70+ sites

  • Multi-language

  • Reliability engineering support for global initiatives


  • Global maintenance and reliability assessment development and execution
  • Global reliability program development
  • Streamline reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) training
  • Maintenace plan improvements and standardization

Thermo Fischer Scientific 

  • 7+ year partnership

  • Implementation, upgrades, integrations and site rollouts

  • 700+ users


  • Global IBM Maximo system
  • AWS cloud deployment
  • Multi-language
IBM MAS Webinar

How to Create a Holistic Reliability Strategy that Can Successfully Embrace Emerging Technology (IBM MAS)

We discuss how applying a holistic approach can ensure building a mature reliability program that is ready to embrace the technologies of Industry 4.0 and supported by the latest IBM MAS.

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Project Profiles

Discover how we've helped clients bring novel concepts to market, optimize certification management programs, enhance safety performance and reduce risk. 


Advanced Reliability Centered Maintenance Program for Major Pharmaceutical Company

Discover how we helped a major pharmaceutical company develop and implement advanced RCM programs.
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Maximo EAM Implementation for Multinational Healthcare Manufacturing Facilities

Read how we produced a scalable upgrade platform and approach for IBM Maximo Asset Management.Read More

Evaluating Critical Asset Safeguards for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Learn how we provided a critical asset safeguard evaluation to support technical and operational excellence for a pharmaceutical company's manufacturing assets.
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