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Project Profile

Evaluating Critical Asset Safeguards for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Learn how we provided a critical asset safeguard evaluation to support technical and operational excellence for a pharmaceutical company's manufacturing assets.

Project Objectives

Project Overview

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies create products that generate billions of dollars in annual sales. As product demand and manufacturing outputs increase for these products, so do the demands for trouble free manufacturing equipment, performance and reliability requirements. One central issue for these companies' supply chains is the lack of an effective risk management process for readily identifying the potential for equipment performance issues or breakdowns. The absence of such a process creates a major imperative for these companies.

GenesisSolutions, the Asset Management service line of ABS Group, launched an initiative to address risk and equipment reliability issues that may affect the products manufactured by a global pharmaceutical company. A risk management solution was developed to standardize an approach to addressing specific products across the company's multiple facilities.

Client Needs
  • Improve the safeguard robustness of critical manufacturing assets/equipment
  • Identify and rank the criticality of each asset supporting the product line using Asset Criticality Ranking (ACR) tools 
  • Develop a risk management strategy that uses What If Analysis

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