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Management Systems Certification

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Management Systems Certification

Assuring Trust in Operations Around the World

For more than 30 years, accredited quality and business assurance experts at ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (ABS QE) have supported companies around the world, providing management system certification, verification, assessment and training to help them better assure reliable performance of business, systems, people and supply chains.

Our comprehensive solutions, including certification, auditing and training, support a continuous journey of operational improvement, better preparing your organization for a successful future. We not only help your business improve its core processes— through our services, we can help you verify your commitment to key stakeholders so you can deliver on the integral promise of quality products and services.

ABS QE can help you minimize risk, improve operational efficiency and maximize the value of your operations and assets.

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Markets and Solutions

ABS QE's leading certification process has proven invaluable to organizations in a wide range of industries. Whether to improve quality, manage risk or reduce environmental impacts, there is a range of standards, systems and specifications that can help you achieve business excellence.

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Training Solutions

Our cost-effective and flexible training solutions help organizations, like yours, achieve and maintain critical ISO standards and certifications. Our training experts go beyond theory and provide real-world insights alongside management principles for internal and lead auditor training.

Our courses are available for public or private, on-site or virtual training.

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Accreditation Partners

Cyber AB

Globally Accredited Quality and Risk Experts

Utilize a worldwide network of experts to exceed international standards and stand out as an industry leader.

As an accredited certification body signatory to the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement, ABS QE has worked with organizations in over 40 countries delivering assurance services that help them ensure the best systems are in place to mitigate risks, uphold quality, maximize efficiency, and serve a long-term, growth-centered business strategy.

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