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ABS Group is a trusted advisor to many industrial and government clients around the world. Our executive team includes recognized experts who have written safety guidelines followed by industry, served on technical and regulatory committees and participated in academic and industry partnerships to advance innovative technologies and develop best practices. Meet the global leaders who wrote the book on risk and reliability.

Ryan Moody - President and CEO

Ryan Moody

President and CEO, ABS Group of Companies, Inc.

Ryan Moody is President and CEO of ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (ABS Group). He previously served as Vice President of Strategic Development for the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), where he was responsible for guiding and supporting ABS' and ABS Group's strategic activities and corporate growth globally.

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David Montague - Senior Vice President

David F. Montague

Senior Vice President, Safety, Risk and Compliance
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Gary Graham - Senior Vice President

Gary Graham

Senior Vice President, Technical Inspection and Verification
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Dominic Townsend - President, ABS Quality Evaluations

Dominic Townsend

President, ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc.
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Steve Arendt - Vice President

Steve Arendt

Vice President, Global Oil,
Gas and Chemical

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Ryan Klabunde - Vice President

Ryan Klabunde

Vice President,
Strategic Development

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Karim Shehadeh - Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Karim Shehadeh

Vice President, General Counsel,

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Henrique Paula - Senior Vice President

Henrique Paula

Senior Vice President, Strategic

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Tricia Bell - Director

Tricia Bell

Director, Global Marketing
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Reagan Nelson - Director

Reagan Nelson

Director, Human Resources
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Peyton Griggers - Vice President

Peyton Griggers

Vice President, Reliability
and Maintenance Management

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Suresh Bheema - Senior Vice President

Suresh S. Bheema

Senior Vice President,
Third Party Inspection

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Jake Stenzler - Vice President

Jake Stenzler

Vice President,

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Darrell Barker - Vice President

Darrell D. Barker

Vice President, Advanced Engineering
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David Whittle - Senior Director

David Whittle

Senior Director, Process Safety
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