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Company Overview

Leading Safety and Risk Management Advisor 

Safety, risk and integrity management are at the core of what we do. ABS Group began providing non-classification marine technical services in 1971. Over the decades, our range of services expanded to support the diverse industrial and government clients that power, fuel and regulate our world.

Today, ABS Group provides data-driven risk and reliability solutions and technical services that help our clients confirm the safety, integrity, quality and environmental efficiency of their critical assets and operations.

Discover the breadth and depth of our technical advisory and certification services for high-performance assets and operations in the Marine and OffshoreOil, Gas and Chemical, LNG, Industrial Manufacturing and Government sectors. In addition, we deliver custom training solutions to a variety of global process industries

ABS Group is an independent subsidiary of our parent organization, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), one of the world's leading marine and offshore classification societies founded in 1862.

Our Mission

ABS Group strives to be a leading global provider of technical services that better enable our clients to operate safely, reliably, efficiently and in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. We are focused on adding value to the global industries we serve and strategically capturing synergies with ABS.

Our Vision

Safety drives us. We are global innovators turning tools and practices into practical solutions to support the industries we serve.

Supporting the Journey to Operational Excellence

As we adapt to new operating landscapes and digital technologies, ABS Group remains committed to addressing the needs of industry. Our reputation for technical expertise and data-driven solutions help our clients understand and manage risk, optimize business performance and support the journey to operational excellence.


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