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Risk Assessment Software for Process Hazard Analysis

ABS Group's LEADER™ process hazard analysis (PHA) software has helped PHA leaders conduct and document comprehensive PHAs using the HAZOP, What-if/Checklist, FMEA, LOPA and other worksheet-oriented hazard evaluation techniques. The tool can transition between all of these analysis methods within a given study, such as a HAZOP study followed by checklist reviews for facility siting and human factors issues.

Using the LEADER Links approach to conduct and document an OSHA/EPA-compliant PHA for a full-scale chemical plant or refinery unit, you could potentially:

  • Save multiple days to weeks in meeting and documentation time for a large-scale PHA
  • Provide up to 80 percent more accurate and complete documentation of interrelated accident scenarios
  • Reduce duplication of interrelated accident scenarios by up to 60 percent
  • Yield up to 70 percent more cost-effective analysis team recommendations that focus on improvements to the most widely-applicable engineering and administrative controls

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The LEADER Links strategy also works with the tool's powerful LOPA Wizard to produce a complete list of cause-consequence pairs and candidate protection layers for a comprehensive LOPA study. If you are considering using LOPA for risk assessment and/or SIL determination, either during your HAZOPs or after, the latest LEADER LOPA tools will optimize efficiency and performance.

LEADER PHA Software Features

Designed for in-meeting use, LEADER saves you time and simplifies your PHA preparations. The software offers the following features:

  • LEADER ShortHand™ reduces typing by up to 85 percent and provides more consistently worded entries that offer improved auditability.
  • LEADER Links™ create two-way, cause-effect relationships between related items — an essential tool in preparation for layer of protection analysis (LOPA)
  • LEADER Library™ encapsulates decades of hazard analysis experience. You can automatically generate method- and equipment-specific analysis deviations, questions and checklist items, saving up to 75 percent in meeting preparation time. LEADER Library also saves valuable time when you must create unanticipated nodes or deviations.
  • AutoSearch picklists™ and AutoNumbering eliminate the need to copy, renumber and rewrite items that apply to multiple issues/scenarios. The Action Items Master List, AutoSearch picklists and AutoNumbering in LEADER can reduce copying of recommendations by more than 75 percent, prevent duplicate entries, eliminate the burden of renumbering and rewriting when unofficial Open Items become official PHA Recommendations and avoid errors when a Recommendation that applies several places is deleted or modified.
  • AutoLinkText feature can reduce typing of interrelated deviations, causes and consequences across multiple analysis nodes by 96 percent or more and eliminate the need to re-edit reference numbers and text when node or deviation descriptions change.

Additional Benefits

  • Organize your study into multi-level folders
  • Apply highlight colors to your analysis sections
  • Use the new consequence-by-consequence (QBQ) mode
  • Publish page-per-scenario LOPA sheets like in the CCPS LOPA book
  • Re-synchronize LOPA and HAZOP worksheet numbers with one click
  • New functions to insert a duplicate analysis section or deviation where you click
  • New HAZOP-LOPA function to convert a deviation page to a page per cause


To learn more about the LEADER PHA software, request more information from a specialist or request a free trial to customize a template based on your organization's needs.

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