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NERC CIP Compliance Consulting

NERC CIP Compliance

Our compliance services are designed to help our clients meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards and are tailored to fit the needs and challenges of your facilities. Our in-depth knowledge of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) NERC standards and NERC CIP compliance can support your efforts to meet and exceed the regulatory standards that owners and operators must implement to protect critical electric infrastructure, especially Bulk Electric Systems (BES) from physical and cyber threats.

Our Approach to NERC CIP Standards

ABS Group approaches industrial security as a risk management function. Our risk-based solutions cover every NERC CIP requirement, helping to integrate both cyber (NERC CIP 003) and physical (NERC CIP 014) security. Our team of operational technology (OT) practitioners will work with you on the facility's assessment data collection and analysis to develop and implement the programs that work best for your facility. 

Our vast experience participating in external audits gives us the insight to support you through the process of complying with NERC CIP standards. 

Services to Support NERC CIP Compliance

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Cybersecurity Managed Services

Our network monitoring and managed services, including NERC CIP cyber vulnerability assessment (CVA), can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your OT networks and provide persistent monitoring for potential attacks, exceeding NERC CIP compliance. From our centralized Industrial Security Operations Center (ISOC) we provide 24/7/365 monitoring that maximizes your coverage to help ensure the protection of your business and its sensitive data. To better meet your requirements, on-premises and cloud solutions are available.

Specialized Consulting

NERC CIP Specialized Consulting

Our team of highly skilled and experienced industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity consultants provides you with integrated capabilities to improve your cybersecurity maturity posture. Specialized ICS security consulting is an end-to-end service for customers, with assistance for every stage of the NERC CIP compliance process including assessing and planning, developing network protections, managing detection and incident response,
audit preparation and remediation of findings.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management

Defending your supply chain can be a complex, time-consuming
task. Cyber attacks target the equipment, ICS and devices required
to run your operations safely and efficiently. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity and professional services to protect your OT environment from supply chain threats and meet your NERC CIP-013 complaince requirements.

Physical Security Risk Management

Physical Security Risk Management

Our team of engineers has deep knowledge of facility security management and NERC CIP compliance requirements, allowing them to develop and execute comprehensive plans to protect transmission stations and substations and control centers. With the performance of vulnerability analysis, the team will uncover potential threats and weaknesses and the associated risks in case of an attack.

Cyber Alerts Delivered Anywhere

NERC CIP Complaince Training Programs

NERC CIP compliance training programs require knowledgeable subject matter experts. ABS Group can provide comprehensive
staff training on all standards that apply to your organization with customized on-site and off-site courses. We go beyond the NERC CIP framework by educating employees on the intent behind the standards and incorporating role-based training into your programs, ultimately promoting behavioral change and good cyber hygiene, throughout the organization.

Cybersecurity New Construction

New Facility Cybersecurity Design

We provide consulting services to new facility builds through assistance with vendor capability reviews, BES cyber system categorization, risk assessments, NERC CIP standards applicability reviews, training, asset hardening and defining ESPs, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), System Integration Testing (SIT) and commissioning, among others, to document compliance activities that will provide facility owners and operators a head start in meeting ongoing NERC CIP compliance.

At-A-Glance NERC CIP Compliance Services

Discover the comprehensive list of topics included in the NERC CIP Compliance Standards and ABS Group's correlating service offerings.

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