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Integrating OT Cybersecurity to Legacy Equipment: How to Bridge the Gap in the Era of Automation

June 1, 2022 | 10:00 - 11:00 am CDT

Integrating OT Cybersecurity to Legacy Equipment: How to Bridge the Gap in the Era of Automation

Legacy equipment is one of the challenges the power industry faces in its road to automation and remote control. OT networks, generally built on equipment with more than 15 years of service, are becoming more connected. Although the addition of IT systems to OT networks allows businesses to make better data-driven decisions, the IT-OT convergence causes a challenging lack of security. OT networks that have been in place for decades longer than IT systems were not originally built for internet connectivity.

Many IT departments monitor their technologies for constant maintenance and security updates, applying those updates as needed. In contrast, OT systems cannot be shut down. Typically, it will sit on networks for months to years waiting for a planned maintenance downtime where security updates can be made.

Connecting OT networks to IT networks is a massive problem that is often overlooked until it’s too late. If not implemented properly, this can lead to security oversights and exposed vulnerabilities that cybersecurity attackers can exploit.

In this webinar, we will talk about how to implement a successful OT cybersecurity integration strategy with an agnostic approach where hardware (equipment), software and platform communicate in a seamless and unintrusive way. If done properly, OT networks can run securely with little modification to the existing design and a precise cost-effective approach.

What We Cover:

  • How to address technology diversity
  • The importance of implementing a Cybersecurity Asset Management (CSAM) plan
  • The role visibility and control play in a successful OT Cyber Program

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Dennis Hackney

Dr. Dennis Hackney, Solutions Development Director, Industrial Cybersecurity, ABS Group

Dr. Dennis Hackney is the head of ABS Group Cybersecurity Services Development. With over 20 years of experience in technology security compliance, he specializes in the integration of IT and OT cyber risk management solutions. Dennis oversees the development of new cyber services for a diverse range of industries, executing programs that address today's most ominous cybersecurity needs and supporting the advancement of compliance and technology solutions. Dennis holds a Ph.D. in Information Security, as well as degrees in Applied Science and Business Management.

Kyle Tobias

Kyle Tobias, CISSP, GICSP, Principal Sales Engineer, Industrial Cybersecurity, ABS Group

Kyle Tobias is the Principal Sales Engineer for Industrial Cybersecurity Services at ABS Group. With over 18 years of OT cybersecurity planning, operations, training and audit experience in the maritime, energy, banking, finance and telecommunications industries, he has assisted clients across the globe, including the Americas, EMEA and Australia. Kyle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Oglethorpe University and is credentialed as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He’s currently completing his Master of Science in Cybersecurity at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Blake Marek, NAES

Blake Marek, NERC CIP Specialist, Critical Infrastructure Protection,  NAES Corporation

Blake Marek is a NERC CIP Specialist in the NERC Services division of NAES Corporation. With over 20 years in Information Technology in the Electric Power Industry – Generation, Transmission,and Distribution – he has implemented and managed multiple cybersecurity and infrastructure projects. Blake provides NERC CIP consulting to numerous electric utilities across the US. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Electronics Technology from Texas State Technical College.


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