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Cybersecurity Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the IT-OT Convergence

eBook - The Beginner's Guide to Industrial Cybersecurity

Since 2011, global research firms and analysts have been advising CEOs, corporate leaders and boards of directors to prepare their organizations for the inevitable convergence of IT-OT environments. Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) have long existed in separate spaces; each had its own network, objectives and requirements. But times have changed. IT and OT have joined forces as a cohesive system to provide data-driven benefits to organizations. These newly blurred lines leave operations and critical infrastructure open to attack. 

eBook - A Beginner's Guide to Cybersecurity

If you don't have a strong industrial cybersecurity program protecting your OT networks, you are at risk. Download our eBook to learn the top three (3) concerns your organization should consider for protection against cyber threats.

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The current deployment of cybersecurity measures is not keeping up with the growth of digitalization and the advancement of threat actors. In an OT environment, a hacker can enter undetected, waiting weeks, months or even years before revealing themselves as they look to exploit your greatest vulnerabilities. 

According to a 2021 Nozomi Networks and SANS Institute ICS/OT survey, 15% of respondents report that they have had a cybersecurity incident in their OT environment over the past 12 months.

It is a common misconception that IT cybersecurity solutions work in an OT environment. The reality is that you need specialized "guards" to protect your OT, including passive monitoring technologies and professionals with in-depth knowledge of your networks and systems.

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ABS Consulting provides a comprehensive portfolio of OT cybersecurity consulting, implementation and risk management services. We help organizations, like yours, identify and mitigate critical cyber threats in real-time. We focus on stopping the bad guys so you can focus on what really matters: Your Operations.

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