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Brazilian Regulatory Compliance

With over 40 years of experience in Brazil, ABS Consulting's analysis of the regulatory framework and scope of requirements are of high value to companies with investments. Our technical advisors provide top-tier consulting services tailored to address each client’s unique operational requirements.

We offer solutions to help assure successful compliance for offshore owners and operators as they navigate the Brazilian regulatory framework, minimizing costs and project delays.

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The Ultimate Guide to Brazilian Regulatory Compliance

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the process for BRC, including key compliance milestones for design and construction.

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 Digitalize Your Compliance Process for Streamlined Efficiency

ABS Group announces the launch of its BRC Application to support the digitalization of efforts for streamlined efficiency.

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BRC  Workshop: Straightforward Guidance for Your Team

Our workshops are designed to provide insight and guide you through the Regulatory Compliance Project Management process.

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