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April 30, 2023 - May 3, 2023



April 30 - May 3, 2023

ABS Group will join the risk management community, sharing our education and expertise with risk professionals worldwide 

Network with our Extreme Loads and Structural Risk division

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RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition | The Center of the Risk Management Universe

Planning for and dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster such as a seismic event, hurricane/typhoon or flood is imperative to managing the risks they pose to a business. Join ABS Group to discover our extensive portfolio of Natural Hazard Risk Management

ABS Group's Extreme Loads and Structural Risk (ELSR) division provides state-of-the-art engineering investigation, analysis and design services focused on mitigating the impacts of natural and man-made hazards. We have decades of experience performing risk and damage assessments, seismic and extreme wind design for new and existing structures and equipment installations.

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Meet Our ELSR Natural Hazards Risk Team


Darrell Barker - Vice President - Extreme Loads and Structural Risk

Chris LeBoeuf

Global Head of Extreme Loads and Structural Risk (ELSR) 

Chris LeBoeuf is Global Head of the Extreme Loads and Structural Risk division of ABS Group, based in San Antonio, Texas. He leads a team of more than 60 engineers and scientists in the US, UK, and Singapore specializing in management of risks to structures and equipment related to extreme loading events, including wind, flood, seismic and blast.

Chris has more than 20 years of professional experience as an engineering consultant and is a recognized expert in the study of blast effects and blast analysis and design of buildings.

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Nathan Gould - Director, ELSR

Nathan Gould

Extreme Loads & Structural Risk


Mikael Kallros - Director

Mikael Kallros

Natural & Manmade Hazards


Protecting Our Community from Natural Hazards Risk


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