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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Our Commitment

ABS Group joins other leading organizations in its commitment to achieving emissions reduction targets in line with climate science. We actively work with our clients, governments and other entities to promote solutions toward long-term environmental sustainability.

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Carbon Net Zero: Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discover quantitative evaluations that introduce different CCUS/AF solutions and benchmark the proposed solutions with decarbonization goals and regulatory compliance levels.
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The Road to Net-Zero: Why You Should Be Preparing Now

There is not one single action that will lead us to carbon neutrality; however, there is a single source that can provide quantitative services that support organizational growth and environmental goals.
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Environmental Risk Assessment for Hazardous Materials Storage and Distribution Facility

Learn how ABS Group performed an environmental risk assessment to determine a facility's groundwater contamination and improve continued operations.
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