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Project Profile

Environmental Risk Assessment for Hazardous Materials Storage and Distribution Facility

Learn how ABS Group performed an environmental risk assessment to determine a facility's groundwater contamination and improve continued operations.

Project Objectives

Environmental Risk Assessment for Hazardous Materials Storage and Distribution Facility

Project Overview

ABS Group served as the primary consultant for a facility owner performing qualitative and quantitative risk assessments on a major hazardous materials storage and distribution facility. This project was designed to assess the risk of contamination to groundwater tables as a result of the potential release of material from the facility. 

The Quantitative Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (QRVA) performed for this project assessed the level of risk the target facility posed to the surrounding groundwater. This assessment was subsequently used to inform the facility owner of the best available and practicable technology decisions regarding the operation, maintenance, testing, surveillance and potential design improvements for the facility.

Client Needs
  • Perform a qualitative and quantitative risk assessment to identify potential risk of contamination to groundwater tables 
  • Identify practicable technology solutions to improve the safety of facility operations  


Our Solution

A baseline QRVA was performed and the project was divided into distinct phases covering internal and external events, including fire, flooding, seismic and more. In its entirety, the QRVA covered the following:

  • Internal Flooding
  • Internal Fires
  • External Flooding (e.g., tsunami and heavy precipitation)
  • External Fires
  • Seismic Events (e.g., earthquakes)
  • Other External Events:
    • High Winds
    • Storms (e.g., tornados, hurricanes, etc.)
    • Landslides/Mudslides
    • Proximity Transportation Accidents
    • Proximity Aircraft Crashes
    • External Hazardous Material or Chemical Spills or Releases
    • Extreme Weather (e.g., high temperature, etc.)
    • Other Facility-Specific Hazards (e.g., location-dependent hazards)

Value Delivered

Our comprehensive risk assessment for the facility owner contributed to continued operations and included recommendations for design and operational procedural improvements, which further reduced the facility’s overall risk.

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