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Asset Performance Management Solutions

Reliable Solutions for Complex, High-Performance Assets

Powered by Itus Digital 

ABS Group’s full suite of asset reliability services, paired with Itus Digital’s leading asset performance management software solution, can maximize asset performance and longevity while minimizing maintenance costs based on the criticality of assets. 

This alliance offers clients an end-to-end asset management solution to optimize reliability programs and drive meaningful results over the life of operations, ultimately enabling clients to develop and sustain a rational maintenance program that ensures optimal asset reliability through a prescriptive, standardized approach.

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Digital Solutions for Asset Management Webinar Series

Understand Your Risk with the Asset Risk Analyzer
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Leveraging Your Data with Digital Twins
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Our Service Approach

1. Assess

Identify the Failure Risk

  • Criticality Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Work Order Analysis
  • Bad Actor Analysis

2. Protect

Mitigation Implementation

  • Model Failure Modes
  • Define Mitigations
  • Optimize PMs
  • Define Protections

3. Monitor

Detect Emerging Threats

  • Condition Data
  • Maintenance Data
  • Simulate and Tune
  • Monitor Health

4. Act

Drive Corrective Actions

  • Advisory Management
  • SME Collaboration
  • EAM Integration
  • Strategy Optimization

Asset Strategy Optimization

Our deep domain expertise, alongside the intuitive, purpose build Itus Digital APM application, bring your reliability strategy to life by leveraging our people, processes and technology. 



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