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Thank you for completing our Risk Perception poll. Your insights will help fuel our upcoming podcast discussions.

Compare your perceptions of risk (ranked highest to lowest) to the annual number of deaths reported per year in the U.S. using public data sourced from our Global Government team

Public Safety Risks By the Numbers

1 Heart Disease 650,000 7 Drowning 3,500
2 Cancer 600,000 8 Airplane Accidents 400
3 Drug Overdoses 67,000 9 Hurricanes 130
4 Influenza
56,000 10 Floods 86
5 Guns 40,000 11 Terrorist Attacks ~50
6 Car Accidents 38,000 12 Nuclear and Chemical Plant Accidents ~0

 Source: Public data reporting number of deaths/year in U.S.

Risk Matters X.0 Podcast

Risk Matters X.0 is a podcast focused on understanding how risk affects us today and into the next decade. Join us as we talk all things risk and why it matters to the people, businesses and industries that sustain our world. Stay tuned to learn more.

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