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Adaptation of Ultrasonic NDE Technology for Marine and Offshore

ABS GROUP Risk Management

ABS Group has an exclusive global licensing agreement for this advanced technology, providing our clients with a unique and cost-effective approach to life extension. 

Adaptation of Ultrasonic NDE Technology for Marine and Offshore

Game-Changing Composite Analysis Tool

Originally developed by The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) for NASA, this nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technology can successfully scan layered and homogenous composite material for defects, offering unprecedented visibility into the integrity of these materials.

Marine and Offshore Applications

The offshore industry is now utilizing the use of composites to repair corrosion damage to offshore platforms. This non-destructive inspection technique can be used to determine the reliability of composite repairs in accordance with the standards of class societies, including American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

Similarly, the marine industry is advancing, with yacht, cutter and lifeboat manufactures continuously improving the quality of composite fabrication processes. This ultrasonic NDE technology also benefits the required class society inspections, with enhanced efficiency and defect detection.

NDE Technology Commercial Purposes

Several global corporations and recognized industry leaders are utilizing NDE technology as an efficient solution to replace tedious and labor-intensive inspections that often do not provide conclusive and actionable insight. ABS Group is working with these organizations to revise current inspection protocols. Primary marine and offshore inspection applications involving composites include:

  • Fully Composite Ship Hulls Including Yachts and Lifeboats
  • Composite Patch Repair of Steel Ship Hulls
  • Composite Helidecks
  • Composite Deck Repairs
  • Composite Pipe Wrap Repairs
  • Composite Ballast Tank Repairs

The Future of NDE Technology 

Through our licensing agreement, ABS Group is working with global leaders in composite repair to further develop the technology for additional applications in the offshore industry. The combination of our risk-based approach and NDE technology will continue to reduce operational risk and maintenance costs and enhances safety. Energy industries will soon be involved in this advancement with applications towards renewable energy assets to be available in the future.

Developed by The Aerospace Corporation

The proprietary ultrasonic NDE technology was initially developed and patented by The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) in support of a NASA program to test the heat shield on the Orion space capsule. Unique features of this technology include precise measurement of the location, size and shape of a defect in the majority of composite materials including carbon fiber and E-glass. The information can be used to evaluate a defects negative impact to the structural integrity of the composite repair.

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