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Assessing Flood Risk: How to Comply with the COMAH CA Operational Delivery Guide

Assessing Flood Risk Hazads

Did you know flooding is the most frequent natural hazard in the UK? It is essential that hazardous facilities fully understand the impact that flood events can have on safe operations, especially as the risk continues to rise due to climate change. In addition, the financial interruptions caused by natural hazards are significant and must be accounted for.

In 2016, the Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) Strategic Forum designated flood preparedness as a strategic and crucial topic. In response, they developed a Chemical and Downstream Oil Industry Forum (CDOIF) working group to support the development and management of flood resiliency. A national study was performed to gain an understanding of the flood risk at each COMAH establishment and determined that there were variations in the levels of good practices that had been adopted.

When facilities manage flood risk, the major elements of physical flood barriers are often well considered. However, poorly written management plans or actions of personnel change can undermine the systems in place.

Flood preparedness is recognized by both government and industry as high-priority, with recent flooding events affecting several major hazard establishments that are subject to regulation under COMAH 2015. ABS Group is a global provider of flood risk management activities across a large range of industry types with experience supporting COMAH facility operators in their process safety management.

Request our conference paper, presented at Hazards31, to learn more about the COMAH Operational Delivery Guide and how you can enhance your operational resilience against flood events. 
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