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Effective and Efficient Inspections through Damage Mechanism Assessment

ABS Group Technical Presentation

Effective and Efficient Inspections through Damage Mechanism Assessment

Presented at the 2018 Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society (PMIES) Expo in Pasadena, TX

This technical presentation describes why a Damage Mechanism Assessment (DMA) is important and introduces a systematic approach to performing a DMA to identify mechanical, chemical, physical or other conditions that result in equipment or material degradation. Effective Mechanical Integrity / Process Hazard Analysis programs are established, maintained and updated by conducting DMAs and using the corresponding API Recommended Practice 571, Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry.

Damage Mechanism Assessment Presentation

A damage mechanism assessment helps operators formulate more robust inspection plans to mitigate risks such as loss of containment and unplanned outages, minimize downtime and improve process safety.

Proper implementation of these practices contributes to safer, more reliable and technically sound operations.

Complete the form below to request the technical presentation by Sayed Termah, P.E., Senior Materials Engineer, and Morteza K. Jafari, P.E., Senior Director of Asset Integrity Management at ABS Group.
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