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How to Manage Natural Gas Leak Detection

ABS GROUP Risk Management

Natural Gas System Vulnerabilities

Gas distribution and production assets must be carefully managed to function safely, efficiently and profitably over their complete lifecycle. ABS Group offers a full scope of work maintenance contracts to various infrastructures in commercial and government spaces, ensuring clients can operate safer, longer and with fewer repairs, all while meeting deferral standards outlined in The Code of Federal Regulations Title 49.

Natural Gas Leak Detection and Maintenance Services

Combined, ABS Group and GGS provide a full scope of work maintenance contracts for various infrastructure industry-wide, including municipal, military and public institutions.

Leak Detection Surveys

Our leak detection surveys use utility-grade, infrared (IR) laser-based equipment to locate any leaks within your natural gas infrastructure. Big or small, we will find every leak and report them with integrity and accuracy.

Gas System Maintenance

Valve maintenance is often overlooked and can pose a serious risk to you and your facility if the need to shut off gas occurs. Our technicians are trained to assess and maintenance your manual valves, seismic valves, regulators, sub-grade valves, risers and any other natural gas equipment you may have.

Consulting Services

Our engineers can help you navigate assessments and address concerns you may have on upcoming natural gas projects. As the experts, we ensure you remain knowledgeable regarding critical bids, quotes and estimates.

Improved Client Services

With our new collaboration, we offer owners and operators a comprehensive suite of AIM tools and services geared towards the natural gas distribution and midstream sector, allowing critically important objectives to be achieved.

Engineering and Risk Management Solutions

ABS Group offers comprehensive engineering and risk management solutions that promote safer and more reliable assets and operations. These services are offered for several market sectors including, but not limited to, marine and offshore, oil, gas and chemical, LNG and power and energy.

Gas Leak Surveys and Distribution Systems

GGS, a natural gas maintenance company, specializes in gas leak surveys and distribution systems. Their deep domain expertise has serviced several critical industries, including K-12 schools, universities, military bases and federal facilities and property managers and residential homes.


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