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Mechanical Integrity: Equipment Documentation and Certification Requirements

ABS Group Technical Inspection and Verification Services

Equipment Documentation and Certification Requirements

What are the documentation requirements for industrial facilities? In order to protect their licenses to operate, facility owners must verify that their in-service equipment demonstrates the appropriate levels of safety, integrity and reliability. Operators set annual targets to maintain maximum production and avoid unnecessary downtime due to mechanical failure or loss of integrity.

To support these objectives, maintaining equipment documentation facilitates better management of safer, more reliable and compliant assets and operations. Documentation may be used to:

  • Safeguard against catastrophic failures
  • Describe how the equipment, tool or product operates to provide assurance of continuous operation
  • Provide information such as an instruction manual to explain how to use, install and/or configure the product
  • Comply with regulatory and jurisdictional requirements
  • Establish a record of operational maintenance and management throughout the equipment's service life

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