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Are You Strengthening EAM Mobile Utilization Across Your Organization?

What threatens mass transit asset reliability?

Mobile technology has already torn down the old world and rebuilt a new one in its image, one that rests atop four marble pillars: communication, collaboration, transparency and intelligence.

But not every business has such a pearlescent opinion of mobility. Why? Because they have yet to experience all the things a mobile-optimized organization has to offer.

After all, although smartphones, tablets and handheld devices all come in boxes with step-by-step instructions, they leave it up to adopters to explore and act on how to best use these innovations according to what their unique industries demand.

With assistance from the Industrial Internet of Things, the mobile revolution has made the acquisition, collection and utilization of real-time operational data all the easier, all the more goal-driven and astronomically more efficient. In return, users have tightened processes, uncovered asset deficiencies and preempted loss of incalculable sums that would have otherwise been lost to downtime.

And yet, if businesses now figure out how to connect the dots between mobile advances and challenges specific to their lines of work, there are far more rewards for the reaping.

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