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Treating Data as an Asset: Experiences of the Early Adopters

Treating Data as an Asset

Data Analytics and Management is the science of examining available data to inform and improve business and technical decisions. Forward-leaning companies have recognized that applying these analytics can deliver enhanced performance by improving safety, environmental protection, operational efficiency and profitability.

This relatively new area of business analytics is driven by the ‘Big Data’ phenomenon and is becoming commonplace in sectors where organizations are using historical performance data and predictive modeling to support a wide variety of operational needs.  

Eventually, the application of Data Analytics will become the norm, and those who are embracing it early are starting to differentiate themselves by how well they are applying it.

ABS Group has been supporting organizations to build innovative digital platforms that use data to monitor, analyze and manage a broad range of operational risks. The industry-wide benefits of Data Management have billion-dollar potential; however, companies must be proactive in getting started and stepping up the pace of their data journey. 

Request our conference paper, presented at Hazards31, to learn how you can develop a data-driven risk model for sound decision-making.  
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