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Video: Data-Driven Maintenance and Reliability Solutions

According to Director of Enterprise Asset Management David Knowles, one of the most common issues reliability experts are helping organizations address is determining whether there are gaps in implementing best practices and closing these gaps to improve long-term performance. In an interview with we.CONECT Global Leaders Group at Pharma TechOps USA 2019, Knowles discussed key issues in maintenance and reliability, including the importance of ranking asset criticality and managing data in the era of Industry 4.0. 

Customers are asking us for gap analyses and to help them develop a plan to close those gaps while also incorporating the latest technologies shaping the digital transformation happening in society now, Knowles says. Organizations are asking, "How do we take advantage of those technologies, keep our people trained and utilize the data?" 

"What most [companies] are trying to do is incorporate some sort of maintenance and reliability improvement program," he says. "They want to make sure their people are trained, and that they can follow along in a kind of stair-step approach to make sure they not only hit their goals, but can sustain them and keep moving to the next level."

Watch the video to learn more about our maintenance and reliability services, and request our Enterprise Asset Management Systems Toolkit to explore more solutions.

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