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What is Asset Integrity Management and Why it Matters

Why Asset Integrity Management Matters


What is Asset Integrity Management?

An effective Mechanical / Asset Integrity program provides assurance that a facility's equipment and systems are designed, fabricated, procured, installed and maintained in an appropriate manner that assures their continued and safe operation throughout the life of the operation.  


Why is Asset Integrity Management Important?

As an integral part of a risk management program, asset integrity management (AIM) focuses on minimizing safety, environmental, asset reliability, regulatory compliance and business risk through comprehensive data-driven assessment to enable informed equipment strategies and maintenance decisions.  

Beyond minimizing risk, a primary focus of our risk-based approach to managing asset integrity is to improve efficiency, increase uptime and reduce both CAPEX and OPEX. A robust AIM solution helps owners/operators optimize existing assets' service life and overall operational performance of existing assets.

Fixed Equipment Inspection and Certification

In order to protect their licenses to operate, facility owners must verify that their in-service equipment demonstrates the appropriate levels of safety, integrity and reliability per governing regulatory requirements.  

Facility owners are focused on preventing costly, unplanned downtime due to mechanical failure or equipment integrity issues to enable them to maximize production and uptime. To support these objectives, maintaining equipment documentation provides guidelines to facilitate safe, reliable and compliant asset management and operations.  

Corrosion Under Insulation

Operators are seeking the most advanced and data-driven technical solutions to support a full lifecycle approach for controlling the risk of corrosion. Corrosion management and AIM should be integrated as part of an overall cost-effective maintenance effort that optimizes service life, safety and operational performance. Corrosion in all its forms (general, localized and under insulation (CUI)) is a pervasive damage mechanism that affects almost every facility worldwide.  

ABS Group can help facility owners minimize corrosion failures and increase operational efficiency by effectively developing and implementing a risk-based, fit-for-purpose corrosion management program. Request access to our on-demand webinar, How to Eliminate CUI. 


For more information about our AIM solutions for industrial process facilities, view our Industrial Manufacturing and Oil, Gas and Chemical services.

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