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Cultural Cause Analysis™ Toolkit

Cultural Cause Analysis Toolkit

Mapping Safety Data to Mitigate Cultural Hazards

Harnessing data to address underlying cultural issues is the vision for the future of root cause analysis and process safety management.

Cultural Cause Analysis™ (CCA) is a groundbreaking solution developed over 10 years through evaluating data insights that identify the leading cultural factors that contributed to major incidents. As a next-generation root cause analysis and risk management tool, CCA helps organizations map performance data to manage their cultural hazards risk and drive lasting changes that promote more sustainable HSE performance.

CCA combines the disciplines of RCA, incident investigation and process safety management. This data-driven solution dives into the leading cultural factors that cause safety, quality and reliability issues. Corrective actions addressing these cultural issues, if effective, will help organizations improve HSE performance and achieve their 'drive to zero' safety objectives.

Cultural Cause Analysis Training
Featured Virtual Training: Cultural Cause Analysis™
Delivered by award-winning, RCA qualified training experts

Our RCA expert-led training courses equip attendees with proven techniques for the field and include instruction on applying tools such as the Root Cause Map and Cultural Cause Analysis™ Map. Enroll in our instructor-led virtual course today.

Toolkit Resources:

The Cultural Cause Analysis Map

The Cultural Cause Analysis™ Map

This resource describes the four layers of common cultural causes and deficiencies that lead to chronic safety, quality and reliability issues within an organization's processes. These include performance and action issues and leadership communication issues.

Cultural Cause Analysis Technical Paper

Technical Paper: Cultural Cause Analysis™ - Mapping process safety incident and performance data to cultural causal factors

Prepared for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)'s 2019 Global Congress on Process Safety, this paper describes a new approach for evaluating cultural causes for more effective and efficient incident investigations/root cause analysis (RCA) and improved process safety management.

ABS Group Webinars

On-Demand Webinar: The Next Generation of Root Cause Analysis

Gain insight into the next generation of root cause analysis (RCA) with this new method to understand cultural issues leading to accidents and chronic issues.

Best Practices in Process Safety Culture

Presentation: Best Practices in Process Safety Culture

Presented at the 2019 AIChE Global Congress on Process Safety, this presentation defines the culture and leadership priorities of high-reliability organizations based on 40+ years of evaluating industry safety practices.

Cultural Cause Analysis Presentation

Presentation: Cultural Cause Analysis™
By Laura O. Jackson, ABS Group Director, Advanced Training Solutions

Presented at the 2019 AIChE Global Congress on Process Safety, this overview introduces our new RCA method, CCA Map and training courses.

Project Profile - HSE Culture Improvement Program
Project Profile: Implementing an HSE Culture Improvement Program

Read how we helped a national oil company develop a robust HSE Culture Improvement Program that will enable personnel to become better HSE "barrier guardians" and culture change agents working toward improved process safety leadership.

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