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Hazards Risk Management Toolkit

Hazards Risk Management Toolkit

Addressing Hazards Risk Management

Our Extreme Loads and Structural Risk and Process Safety teams have compiled insights and resources to assist industrial facilities in reducing their exposure to natural and man-made hazards. Having investigated over 100 major earthquakes, and leveraging expertise in global risk and damage assessments, seismic/extreme wind design reviews, financial loss evaluations, and facility recovery and startup support, our engineers are qualified to help you evaluate and manage a range of hazards.

ABS Group has over 30 years of onsite experience in risk assessment and mitigation analyses for virtually every kind of facility and asset type. Explore our hazards risk management solutions.

Online Resources:


Machine Learning Solution for Predicting Flood Damage

Project Profile: Machine Learning Solution for Predicting Flood Damage

Read how we used innovative data techniques to help a government agency reduce inspection costs, improve the agency's structural damage and mitigation assessment processes, and address flood performance issues.

Quantifying Seismic Exposure for Global Beverage Company

Project Profile: Quantifying Seismic Risk Exposure for Global Beverage Company

This case study describes our solution to help a leading beverage company quantify and manage their natural hazards risk at a large brewery in one of the most active earthquake zones.

Natural Hazards Risk Management - Post Disaster Recovery from Earthquakes

Article: Natural Hazards Risk Management: Post Disaster Recovery from Earthquakes

This high-level overview examines our advanced engineering services, including earthquake damage assessments to help companies determine if a structure can be safely occupied, seismic retrofit evaluations and risk mitigation strategies.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility Recovery and Startup Support Following Flood Disaster

Article: Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility Recovery and Startup Support Following Flood Disaster

In the aftermath of natural disasters, it is important to be vigilant in adhering to process safety principles when restarting oil, gas and chemical facility systems. Learn more about natural hazards recovery risk management.

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Additional Resources and Training

Our process hazard analysis experts have delivered public and onsite training courses that have helped thousands of professionals in the U.S. and internationally. Explore more resources designed to improve the knowledge and efficiency of your organization.


Hurricane Preparedness - Be Ready

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June until November. Two key ways to weather safety are to prepare for the risks and to act on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. Refer to FEMA's hurricane preparedness guide to learn more.

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

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