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Marine and Offshore Cyber Security Toolkit

Cyber Security: A Business Imperative for Global Marine and Offshore Operations

The push for digitalization is driving the need for greater cyber protection across the marine and offshore value chain. As vessels, ports and facilities become more automated, connected and digital—and information technology (IT) converges with operational technology (OT) systems—operations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber risks and the uncertain threat of a cyber attack.

Trusted risk advisors to the global marine and offshore industries, our Cyber Risk experts are developing comprehensive cyber security solutions and capabilities for protection, defense, detection and response. The optimal time to consider implementing a robust cyber security program is now. 


 Cyber risks in OT assets are linked to serious safety, financial and environmental consequences for mariners, offshore operators, regulators and the public. 

Online Resources:


ABS Group Webinars

Webinar Series: Cyber Security for Ports and Terminals

Access on-demand webinars covering cyber security for maritime ports and terminals, with specific guidance on maritime compliance and the effective implementation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Coast Guard Cyber Security Framework.

Marine and Offshore Cyber Security Executive Perspective

Cyber attacks are accelerating in frequency, variety and severity, making cyber security a business imperative. Read an overview discussing our approach to assessing and managing cyber risk as we work directly with the marine, offshore and insurance industries to create a single, standardized solution for IT and OT cyber security.  

Cyber Risk Reduction and Cyber Risk Rating (CybeR2) Program

Cyber Risk Reduction and Cyber Risk Rating (CybeR2) Program

The ABS Cyber Risk Reduction and Cyber Risk Rating (CybeR2) Program is a single solution for the entire marine and offshore value chain—from owners and operators to insurers and charterers—in understanding and controlling cyber risk for more secure and compliant assets and operations.

Cultural Cause Analysis Training
First-in-the-Nation FSO Cyber Security Training Course
Delivered by industry recognized maritime security professionals  

Our Facility Security Officer (FSO) Cyber Security Training provides course participants with the skills to implement a cyber security program using the NIST Cyber Security Framework. While this training focuses on FSOs at ports and terminals, public courses are now open to those seeking the skills to protect critical information infrastructure within regulated facilities. 

Insight Article: A Simple Approach to Understanding Cyber Risk

Learn more about our award-winning proprietary FCI Cyber Risk™ methodology to measure cyber security risks associated with OT assets. This method was developed following a two-year research contract with the Maritime Security Center—a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence—led by Stevens Institute of Technology and including the U.S. Department of Defense.

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