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Mechanical Integrity Toolkit

Mechanical Integrity Toolkit

Effective and Efficient Mechanical Integrity Programs

Facility owners and operators must work continuously to improve the effectiveness of mechanical integrity programs to promote safer, more reliable operations and reduce the likelihood of process safety incidents. ABS Group has helped hundreds of process facilities develop and implement cost-effective and compliant mechanical integrity programs so that facility owners/operators can confirm asset integrity, maximize return on investments through improved reliability and performance, and maintain their licenses to operate.

With a proven track record of more than 40 years providing both objective and risk-informed insights to the Oil, Gas and Chemical sector, our experts have gathered the following information resources to help organizations solve mechanical integrity issues.

 Online Resources:

Mechanical Integrity in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facilities

Executive Perspective: Addressing MI in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facilities

What risk factors should facility owners and operators consider in the area of mechanical integrity (MI)? We discuss our technical inspection and verification capabilities, risk management expertise and approach to addressing MI in oil, gas and chemical facilities.

Mechanical Integrity Services for Offshore Facilities

Executive Perspective: MI Services for Offshore Facilities

This executive summary describes the need to increase understanding and management of diverse risk factors inherent to offshore assets and operations, as well as our expertise in verifying safety, reliability and integrity in these key focus areas.

ABS Group Webinars

Exclusive Access to Mechanical Integrity Webinar

What are the documentation requirements for industrial equipment? This webinar reviews API and NBIC inspection standards and provides a roadmap for managing equipment certification.

Evolution of Mechanical Integrity

Presentation: Evolution of Mechanical Integrity
By Randy Montgomery, ABS Group Senior Director of Midstream and Downstream Services

What is the future of mechanical integrity? Revisit an overview covering the evolving stages of mechanical integrity, ranging from its foundation to the regulatory requirements and covering the implementation and improvement of effective MI programs.

MI Program for Relocation of an Entire Process Unit
Presentation: Mechanical Integrity Program for Relocation of an Entire Process Unit
By Nicolas Obando, ABS Group Engineering Supervisor

Presented in 2017 at the API 7th Biennial Inspection Summit, this overview provides insights on the regulatory and technical inspection requirements for relocating a plant and its associated equipment using a recommended Fitness for Service compliance process.

Fracture Toughness and Brittle Failure: A Pressure Vessel Case Study
Technical Paper: Fracture Toughness and Brittle Failure in Critical Pressure Equipment
By John Puryear, Guillermo Ramirez, Clint Botard and Kollin Kenady

This technical paper was published by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in the journal Process Safety Progress and originally presented at AIChE's 13th Global Congress on Process Safety in 2017.

Fact Sheet: Mechanical Integrity

Fact Sheet: Mechanical Integrity

MI programs have proven to be one of the most difficult process safety management elements to effectively develop and implement. Learn more about our experience and capabilities to help clients overcome this challenge and create an effective MI program.

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