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Project Profile

Cyber Security: Analyzing Marine Related Cyber Risk in Critical Systems

Read how ABS Group developed a strategic risk framework for understanding the common risk, vulnerabilities and potential consequences of cyber exploitation on marine and offshore related assets.

Project Objectives

Cybersecurity for Maritime Control Systems

Project Overview

Cyber systems are widely used in marine and offshore operating environments for a variety of purposes, including navigation, industrial control, communication and monitoring. Cyber exploitation, or the failure of these systems due to a cyber attack or other compromising scenario, could cause serious consequences affecting asset safety, reliability and security within the maritime community.

To support the development of risk-informed strategies, and to promote safer, more reliable industry practices related to maintaining cybersecurity systems, our client needed to gain a high-level understanding of the common vulnerabilities and potential consequences that could emerge if their systems were to be exploited. Additionally, the client needed to understand how cyber related risk scenarios and attacks compare with non-cyber related scenarios across their entire risk portfolio. ABS Group's Risk and Safety Management team provided a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment and process hazard analysis solution.

Client Needs
  • Development of cyber risk assessment methodology
  • Qualitative summary of common cyber vulnerabilities
  • Identification of potential consequences from cyber scenarios
  • Quantitative cyber scenario risk assessment comparable to non-cyber scenarios

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