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Project Profile

Implementing an HSE Culture Improvement Program for Middle East Refineries

Read how we are helping a national oil company develop a robust HSE Culture Improvement Program that will enable personnel to become better HSE "barrier guardians" and culture change agents working toward improved process safety leadership and operational excellence by utilizing EHS software.

Project Objectives

Building an HSE Culture Improvement Program for Multinational Refineries

Project Overview

A national oil company (NOC) located in the Middle East region requested a solution to help improve health, safety and environmental (HSE) culture across its network of refineries. The long-term objectives for creating and sustaining a robust HSE culture include reducing the risk of human error to minimize safety hazards, preventing unexpected downtime, and mitigating process safety incidents caused by procedural problems and other barrier system degradation issues. 

With over 45 years of process safety expertise, ABS Group was selected to provide an HSE culture assessment based on our reputation as a leading process safety management (PSM) advisor who has conducted more than 40 safety culture evaluations, including process safety culture assessments for over 30 refineries. ABS Group also has contributed key insights as a member of the BP Texas City/Baker Panel and as the lead author for the Center for Chemical Process Safety's (CCPS) Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety, the official PSM framework followed by industry. In addition, our engineers have led major incident investigations around the world and participated in regulatory committees to address improving and standardizing process safety management in the oil, gas and chemical sector.

Client Needs
  • Assess behavior tendencies in daily work practices to determine which attributes will be needed to strengthen HSE culture
  • Train and mentor barrier guardians and change agents who will instill HSE leadership
  • Manage risk by maintaining a robust culture that prioritizes safety, protects the organization's license to operate and strives toward operational excellence


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