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Project Profile

LNG Export Facility Asset Performance Maintenance Strategy

Read how we are helping one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America develop a comprehensive asset maintenance and integrity program for its newbuild LNG export facility.

Project Objectives

LNG Export Facility Asset Performance Maintenance Strategy

Project Overview

One of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America needed to develop a comprehensive asset maintenance and integrity program for a new natural gas processing and liquefaction facility capable of liquifying 350 MMcf per day. In order to protect the company's social and regulatory license to operate, facility owners must verify that their equipment demonstrates the appropriate levels of safety, integrity and reliability. To support these objectives and manage operational risk, maintaining equipment documentation (and documenting damage mechanisms for critical functions) facilitates better asset management.

ABS Group was selected to help the company develop a comprehensive asset management strategy addressing risk across the asset life cycle. Our combined APM solutions include asset reliability and integrity management services to help the client succeed in:

  • Maximizing return on investment through cost-effective and efficient processes
  • Protecting organizational license to operate with sustainable HSE practices
  • Promoting safer, more reliable operations by managing full life cycle risk 
  • Continously improving productivity and profitability using APM solutions such as asset integrity management and enterprise asset management (EAM)
Client Needs
  • Develop risk based, enterprise-level strategy for managing business processes and standards for asset performance 
  • Establish a proactive integrity program to reduce inspection costs 
  • Apply the most effective and efficient EAM system and processes to manage assets, inventory, documents and workflows
  • Provide ongoing program development support and training services 


Our Solutions

ABS Group has performed more than 330 projects worldwide supporting LNG facilities and maritime assets delivering EAM, mechanical integrity (MI), project quality management and other process safety programs and services. To help clients develop a comprehensive APM strategy, we apply our proven Reliability Based Maintenance methodology for optimizing asset management programs and operational effectiveness. Our EAM services focus on people, work processes, systems, technologies, governance, infrastructure, policies and scope. In this case example, our combined solutions demonstrate how we are assisting LNG operators in developing tailored solutions for safety and risk management, operational excellence and organizational sustainability.

Establish Asset Integrity Management 

For this energy infrastructure project, our work covered asset integrity management program development and execution, which included the following services: project management, strategy development and business processes, asset register, MI, preventative maintenance development, spare parts and bill of materials, and data asset management services. These services will help plant managers monitor asset safety, reliability and efficiency in order to maintain the integrity of facilities and business operations across the enterprise.

Reduce Piping Inspection Costs 

Our efforts also included developing an inspection work process related to damage mechanism assessment, risk based inspection (RBI), equipment/piping systemization and circuitization, and condition monitoring location (CML) placement. These work processes resulted in significant cost savings for the client due to more technically based and robust determination of inspection and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) requirements.

For example, the piping systemization/circuitization and CML placement work processes have resulted in the following reductions:

  • Approximately 20% reduction in the number of piping circuits (based on another consultant's circuitization of the piping), resulting in a 20% reduction in piping inspection costs
  • Approximately 50% to 60% reduction in the number of pressure vessel and piping CMLs (over traditional CML placement approach); this reduction was accomplished by our CML placement approach which bases placement on damage mechanisms and risk  

The two inspection cost reductions, without considering the impact of our RBI analysis approach, equate to an estimated 30% reduction in inspection and NDE requirements for the new process, with estimated savings of USD 300,000 per inspection cycle.

Value Delivered

LNG Export Facility Asset Performance Maintenance Strategy Value

As a holistic, risk based approach to asset health monitoring and maintenance, our APM solutions are helping the client of a major LNG export facility improve efficiencies in the planning, inspection and repair process for safer, more reliable and sustainable operations.

Our data-driven risk and reliability solutions and integrated EAM system services also help facility managers improve their understanding of potential hazards that could interrupt business operations when critical systems are compromised. Applying a statistical approach to analyze equipment reliability data and prioritize systems, equipment and components enables more efficient asset performance for achieving safety and productivity gains.  

ABS Group's technical advisors are uniquely positioned to continue supporting clients in the evolving North American LNG market as these stakeholders manage operational safety and performance with the goal of assuring project success.


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