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Project Profile

Utility Company Gains Enterprise Efficiency with EAM Solution

See how ABS Group subsidiary GenesisSolutions implemented a significant asset management system upgrade and consolidated these systems across divisions to create enterprise efficiency.

Project Objectives

Project Overview

An electric utility company wanted to migrate its asset management system from an early generation asset management system platform to the latest enterprise version. Additionally, many of the client's internal divisions used different asset management platforms, including legacy purchased and internally developed systems. These legacy systems were using outdated technology that was not compatible with the latest available integrations for mobility, inventory, work management and GIS solutions. The company found itself unable to take advantage of marketplace innovations to support growing information needs.

To advance its overall business strategy, the client needed to move each of its divisions into a consolidated enterprise asset management (EAM) system. The organization's past attempts to upgrade to an upgraded version of the asset management system had been unsuccessful. It sought a partner a technical advisor that could bring its systems in line with the latest upgraded solution.

Client Needs
  • Aggregate different asset management systems across divisions
  • Utilize latest integration components
  • Upgrade all outdated legacy systems to the latest EAM solution


Our Solution

To migrate and upgrade the client's existing systems to the latest version of the EAM software platform, GenesisSolutions, the Asset Management service line of ABS Group, provided full-service setup and implementation.

Analyze and Map Processes

GenesisSolutions began by analyzing the client's current assets and business processes. The team also defined new business processes based on the client's current practices and mapped these to the latest version of the software. During this process, GenesisSolutions' work planning expert collaborated closely with end users to improve the organization's work planning and management process.

Develop Custom Integrations

GenesisSolutions' technical implementation experts determined how many of the client's requirements could be satisfied by the out-of-the-box version of the software and identified areas needing further customization.

Implement Upgrade to EAM Solution

The GenesisSolutions team handled every aspect of the upgrade implementation, including the initial setup, configuration of workflow processes and application of security measures. To achieve optimal performance, GenesisSolutions conducted aggressive testing on the system.

Provide Expert Support for Launch

For a successful roll out, GenesisSolutions developed training materials and directed end-user training sessions. The operational experience of the GenesisSolutions training staff allowed the team to communicate effectively with these end users. GenesisSolutions also supported the client through the go-live process and monitored the initial performance of the system.

Value Delivered

Enterprise Efficiency and Savings

GenesisSolutions consolidated the corporate asset management system, allowing the client to standardize support services, reuse integrations across divisions and implement more consistent processes. Each division of the utility company can now communicate and share information across the same software platform and version. As an added benefit of implementing the EAM solution across all business units, the client now has more leverage to negotiate ongoing licensing costs.

Enhanced Capabilities

After the upgrade, the client began utilizing planning and scheduling functions for maintenance activities more effectively. Plans are underway to leverage the platform's more advanced asset management features, such as mobility solutions, enhanced GIS integrations and other integrated custom products.

Trusted Partnership

The success of the EAM upgrade led the client to establish a long-term partnership with GenesisSolutions. We have served as the single source for the organization's asset management and technology system needs since 2009.

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