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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Risk Matters X.0 - Podcast Mini-Series

[Mini-Episode] 88% of Boards of Directors view cybersecurity as a business risk— so why are budgets for industrial cybersecurity so scarce? Funding is often an issue because cybersecurity for Operational Technology (OT) environments is a relatively new idea brought on by the rapid IT-OT convergence.

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[Mini-Episode] Do Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) environments have anything in common? While some cybersecurity professionals may answer yes, the reality is that IT and OT are two separate worlds with vastly different priorities.

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[Mini-Episode] What does cybersecurity mean to your company? In this mini-episode, we explore how different functions in industrial organizations perceive cyber risks From the board of directors to the team on the plant floor, the idea of OT cybersecurity and how to successfully implement it varies greatly.

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[Mini-Episode] Is Ransomeware the Biggest Threat to OT? In this Cybersecurity Awareness Month mini-episode, Ian Bramson, Global Head of Industrial Cybersecurity, and Dennis Hackney, Solutions Development Director of Industrial Cybersecurity Services, discuss the specifics of what ransomware is and the difference between how it impacts IT environments and Operational Technology (OT) environments.

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Risk Matters X.0 is a podcast focused on understanding how risk affects us today and into the next decade. Join us as we talk all things risk and why it matters to the people, businesses and industries that sustain our world.

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