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Analyzing the Ultimate Cybersecurity Threat: Converging IT/OT Environments

August 18, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 am CDT

Analyzing the Ultimate Cybersecurity Threat: Converging IT/OT Environments

In recent months, an unprecedented number of cyber attacks have crippled critical infrastructure and essential industries that rely on Operational Technology (OT).

These attacks have become headline news for companies both large and small, including:

  • Colonial Pipeline – One of the nation’s largest pipelines, Colonial was forced to temporarily shut down, ultimately paying $4.4 million to the cyber criminal group DarkSide.
  • JBS USA –The world’s largest beef supplier, JBS was hit with a ransomware attack that threatened the U.S. meat supply, resulting in an $11 million ransom paid to cyber criminals.
  • Oldsmar Water Authority – Hackers manipulated the city water’s treatment. Although quickly reversed, this attack got farther than any other attempt to physically impact critical infrastructure in the U.S.

Leading indicators and experts alike have agreed that more cyber attacks are guaranteed to occur, and preemptive action must be taken now.

One of the biggest threat vectors facing critical infrastructure and manufacturing environments is the lateral creep of attacks in rapidly converging IT/OT/IoT environments. Once attackers make their way into the targeted environment they can infiltrate and control an entire organization.

In this webinar, we’ll dissect real-world cyber attacks, explore how and why they occurred and discuss best practices to help secure OT environments. While the basis of our recommendations will come from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s(CISA) guidance, “Ransomware in OT Environments," we will also touch on additional ideas on how to secure your organization against dangerous security threats that prosper in converging IT/OT/IoT settings. 

What We Cover:

  • Comprehensive case studies covering recent, real-world cyber attacks 
  • An overview of how IT/OT/IoT environments are rapidly converging and what this shift means for your organization
  • Best practices to secure OT environments from cyber attacks, including critical recommendations from CISA

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Dr. Dennis Hackney, Head of Cybersecurity Services Development, ABS Group

Dr. Dennis Hackney is the head of ABS Group Cybersecurity Services Development. With over 20 years of experience in technology security compliance, he specializes in the integration of IT and OT cyber risk management solutions. Dennis oversees the development of new cyber services for a diverse range of industries, executing programs that address today's most ominous cybersecurity needs and supporting the advancement of compliance and technology solutions. Dennis holds a PhD in Information Security, as well as degrees in Applied Science and Business Management.

Michael Rothschild, Senior Director of OT Solutions, Tenable

Michael Rothschild is the Senior Director of OT Solutions at Tenable and has over 20 years of security experience. A past professor of marketing, he has published several correlating works on the topic. Michael currently occupies an advisory board seat at Rutgers University and Ithaca College. 

Andrew Pearson, Principal Security Engineer, Tenable

Andrew Pearson is a Principal Security Engineer at Tenable. He has over 18 years of experience in Information Security and has consulted with many of Tenable's largest customers. Andrew's prior experience includes working as a Security Engineer at RSA and a Security Consulting Manager and Senior Penetration Tester at EY. He holds a CISSP certification and a BSBA degree in Management Information Systems from Creighton University.

Dan Hewitt, Principal Security Engineer, Tenable

Dan Hewitt is a Principal Security Engineer and leading OT expert at Tenable. His background includes passive network protocol, vulnerability research and product building. Dan helps Tenable customers bridge the cultural and visibility gaps that exist between IT and OT networks.


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