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Beyond Compliance: Improving Readiness and Response in Case of Cyberattack

November 16, 2022 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm CST

Beyond Compliance: Readiness and Response in Case of Cyberattack

TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines

Recent headlines are a clear indicator that the bad actor sees the oil and gas sector as a target for sophisticated cyberattacks. Given the increase in digital connectivity, this has elevated the importance of cyber readiness and shines a light on the importance of the safety and security of the assets. The compliance incentive introduced by TSA for the Pipeline Security Guidelines is instituting structure around what should be standard practice.

During this panel discussion, experts will discuss strategies for preparing for, responding to and recovering from cyberattacks as a part of any business continuity plan.

  • Understanding the next phase of the TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines
  • Evaluating the cybersecurity needs to support modern and legacy SCADA platforms across oil and gas facilities
  • Best practice guidance for leaders to support a cybersecurity program that focused on the safety and security of critical assets

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