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COVID-19 Safety: How to Restart Operations and Maintain a Healthy Workplace

July 23, 2020 | Starts at 1:00 pm CDT (2:00pm ET)

CDC/NIOSH Guidance: How to Restart Operations and Maintain a Health Workplace

As an employer, if your business operations were interrupted, resuming normal or phased activities presents an opportunity to update your COVID-19 preparedness, response and control plans. The plan should be 1) specific to your workplace, 2) should identify all areas and job tasks with potential exposures to COVID-19 and 3) should include control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposures.

In this webinar, Dr. Nancy Burton of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)/National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) will provide background on COVID-19 and discuss steps to physically prepare facilities for reopening and resuming work operations. Guidelines and recommendations that all employers can use to protect their workers and clients will be covered. Dr. Burton will introduce the key CDC/NIOSH guidance on safe approaches to preparing for and maintaining a healthy workplace and will introduce the office building guidance. This guidance is designed to assist office building employers, owners and managers, and operations specialists to create a safe and healthy workplace for workers and clients.

To further support CDC/NIOSH guidance, we will demonstrate how the ABS Group Restart Risk Model™, a systematic process to assess worker safety risk in office spaces, supports organizations in establishing controls to help assure confidence in a safer transition back to the office. 

What We Cover

  • COVID-19 background and steps to reopen and resume work operations 
  • CDC/NIOSH Guidance - Employer Information for Office Buildings

  • A risk-based methodology and process that enables organizations to quickly build a plan to bring workers back to sites safely and with confidence

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Dr. Nancy Clark Burton - CDC/NIOSH

Nancy Clark Burton has worked for CDC/NIOSH for 29 years conducting health hazard evaluations. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health from the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine and a M.P.H. and an M.S. from the University of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry. She is also a certified industrial hygienist. Her research interests include the evaluation and control of potential exposures dealing with microbial agents in the workplace environment. She has been involved in developing workplace guidance for different outbreaks including H1N1 and COVID-19.

Dr. Nancy Clark Burton Profile Photo

Matthew Mowrer - Director, Product Development and Innovation Center 

Matt Mowrer has been working in the management consulting, data analytics, risk management and information technology fields for the past 20 years. He specializes in developing innovative technical solutions to help government and commercial clients manage their risks and maximize their performance. He is a recognized practice leader in the following areas:

  • Data analytics and visualization
  • Risk based decision-making (RBDM)
  • Enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Cyber security assessment and mitigation
  • Security risk analysis and management

Matt Mowrer


CDC ( works 24/7 protecting America's health, safety and security. Whether disease start at home or abroad, are curable or preventable, chronic or acute, or from human activity or deliberate attack, CDC responds to America's most pressing health threats. CDC is headquartered in Atlanta and has experts located throughout the United States and the world.

NIOSH is the federal institute that conducts research and makes recommendations for preventing work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths. For more information about NIOSH visit the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

About ABS Group

ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (, through its operating subsidiaries, provides technical advisory and certification services to support the safety and reliability of high-performance assets and operations in the oil, gas and chemical, power generation, marine, offshore and government sectors, among others. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Group operates with more than 1,000 professionals globally. ABS Group is a subsidiary of ABS (, a leading marine and offshore classification society.

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