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Cultural Cause Analysis™ - The Next Generation of Root Cause Analysis

May 16, 2019 | 10:00 - 11:00 am CDT

Cultural Cause Analysis - The Next Generation RCA

Talking about safety and reliability culture is valuable. Systematically analyzing, understanding and influencing culture is even more valuable. Cultural Cause Analysis™ (CCA) enables organizations to improve performance through a better understanding of cultural issues contributing to accidents and chronic incidents. Developed by the industry-recognized Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis team at ABS Group, the CCA model and Cultural Cause Map™ supports organizations in systematically analyzing cultural issues from across the organization and from a variety of performance areas including safety, reliability and quality.

This webinar will provide an overview of our next-generation root cause analysis (RCA) and risk management method. We will also cover the process for better understanding and influencing cultural issues to improve and sustain safety, reliability and quality performance. 

What We Cover

  • Introduction to Cultural Cause Analysis™ and evolution of RCA
  • The Cultural Cause Map™ - How to map performance data to cultural factors
  • Understanding data insights to influence organizational performance
  • The vision of CCA as a solution for operational discipline and leadership
  • Advanced Training Courses   


"CCA is an important breakthrough." - Steve Arendt,  2019 recipient of AIChE's Norton H. Walton/Russell L. Miller Award in Safety/Loss Prevention


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Laura O. Jackson

Laura O. Jackson is Director of Advanced Training Solutions at ABS Group and an expert risk management advisory professional. She specializes in developing innovative applications of risk, safety, quality and reliability management to help major corporations, government agencies and nonprofits make effective use of their limited resources to achieve organizational performance goals. Jackson is a recognized pioneer and subject matter expert of CCA, ERM and RCA, and a thought leader in organizational excellence and business intelligence. She leads management projects that involve industry experts, risk modeling, data science and technology based solutions.

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