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EAM Series: Improving Analytics Through Data Standardization and Asset Monitoring

February 19, 2020 | 10:00 - 11:00 am CST
Improving Analytics Through Data Standardization and Asset Monitoring

What are the secrets of structuring a successful enterprise asset management (EAM) data model? How do you identify the data that will indicate success or a growing problem? With the deluge of data available to maintenance and reliability professionals through technology, knowing how to structure these data for success is key.  

This webinar will cover the fundamental principals for structuring your Master Asset List (MAL) data and leveraging the tremendous amount of performance and conditional data available to your organization in a strategic way. Learn how to prioritize data for critical assets and establish asset monitoring with focus on the health of each asset.

What We Cover:

  • How to structure Master Asset List data into a strategic model
  • How to structure and leverage existing performance and conditional data 
  • How to prioritize and monitor critical assets using an EAM data model 

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Rheal Caron - Director, Power Advisory

Rheal has over 30 years of experience building and managing power plants as a power industry professional. He has performed due diligence on more than 100 power plants for acquisitions and provided independent engineering services for power plant due diligence. He has also performed ISO 55000 physical asset management implementations and EAM gap analyses for major power and pharmaceutical companies.

Walter Betsill - Senior Manager, Business and Technical Services

Walter has 30 years of experience working with maintenance and engineering organizations, having begun his career in the chemical industry prior to becoming a cross-industry field consultant. In the 1990s, he worked for both of the two top CMMS software companies, PSDI (MRO Software) and Infor (Datastream Systems), first as a field consultant and subsequently as a project manager. In 2000, Walter became a founding member of GenesisSolutions, an ABS Group company. Walter helps clients evolve to a better state of maintenance operations and reliability. His current focus is to assist organizations in identifying the data that indicate success and then utilize good processes and technology to obtain these data easily and with a high degree of quality.

About ABS Group

ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (, through its operating subsidiaries, provides technical advisory and certification services to support the safety and reliability of high-performance assets and operations in the oil, gas and chemical, power generation, marine, offshore and government sectors, among others. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Group operates with more than 1,000 professionals globally. ABS Group is a subsidiary of ABS (, a leading marine and offshore classification society.

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