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Safeguard Robustness for Operational Excellence

November 2, 2016 | 10:00 - 11:00 am CDT

Managing risk for achieving operational excellence is both challenging and essential. This webinar provides an overview of how our new service offering, Safeguard Robustness for Operational Excellence, helps organizations manage this risk.

Our Safeguard Robustness for Operational Excellence service provides organizations with the ability to focus efforts on critical asset performance optimization. We look at the operating context with a 360-degree view, beginning with the core of operation, followed by the supporting equipment, and finally the surrounding operating envelope. We utilize our LEADER™ PHA software, which enables organizations to apply a standard tool for quantifying risk and evaluating safeguard robustness.

Our Asset Performance Optimization team has decades of real-life field experience supporting more than 1,000 global customers in diverse industry sectors. As reliability practitioners, we recognize that traditional maintenance metrics tell only half the story. Given the complex operating environment and integrated supply chains in which we operate, Safeguard Robustness will positively impact right first-time quality, end-to-end cycle time, operator care, employee morale, OEE and schedule adherence.


Mike Greenholtz

Mike Greenholtz is Vice President of Reliability Solutions at GenesisSolutions, an ABS Group company. Greenholtz's role is to create operational and financial advantages for customers across all industrial sectors. This includes implementing strategies that enhance asset reliability, increase capacity, extend asset lifecycles, while reducing cycle time and operating costs. Previously he was Assistant Vice President, Global Engineering Operations, for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where he worked for 28 years. At Wyeth, Greenholtz was responsible for integrating the Wyeth/Pfizer Engineering, Maintenance and Capital programs during their merger.

Greenholtz has created and implemented a Global Maintenance Excellence Community of Practice spanning more than 30 plants across four continents to promote identifying, developing and sharing operation best practices that improve supply chain operations.

About ABS Group

ABS Group of Companies, Inc. (, through its operating subsidiaries, provides technical advisory and certification services to support the safety and reliability of high-performance assets and operations in the oil, gas and chemical, power generation, marine, offshore and government sectors, among others. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Group operates with more than 1,000 professionals globally. ABS Group is a subsidiary of ABS (, a leading marine and offshore classification society.

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