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Security by Design for Buildings in Singapore – Lessons Learned

July 8, 2020 | Starts at 08:30 pm CDT (July 9th at 9:30 am Singapore time)

Security by Design for Buildings in Singapore – Lessons Learned

Singapore's Infrastructure Protection Act requires new construction and A&A works that are categorized as Key Installations to undergo the Security by Design (SBD) process. SBD involves an assessment of the building's security risks and implementation of suitable protective hardening measures to be incorporated into the specific building's design. Implementation of protective hardening measures (PHM) to enhance a structure to withstand blast effects is a challenge and a key part of part of compliance. Implementation of PHM is often a challenge in the modern building construction landscape where there are many competing requirements and limited funding. In Singapore, this can be especially difficult due to the proximity of threats and the dense urban landscape rich with potential targets. These unique issues present a challenge to building owners and developers while designing buildings.

The first of a three part series, this webinar examines the current building design requirements, with a special focus on the recent implementation of the Infrastructure Protection Act, and provides a pragmatic approach to integrating blast mitigation into a new project. 

What We Cover

  • Infrastructure Protection Act requirements for new construction in Singapore
  • Key tenets of security by design and major components of required risks studies (PFDD, BEA, TVRA, SRS, SRT, Tender, and Construction)
  • Overview of lessons learned and considerations to ensure a successful project

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Darrell Barker, P.E., CP Blast is the Vice President of the Extreme Loads and Structural Risk Division at ABS Group. His professional experience includes 30 years of blast resistant design and construction. Barker is a recognized industry leader in this field and speaks extensively on the subject to industry groups. He provides consulting services to government agencies and corporate clients and has published more than 40 papers on explosion effects research and development, as well as practical approaches to protection of structures against explosion hazards. Barker manages a unit of 60 professionals within the ELSR Division based in San Antonion, Texas.

Chris Leboeuf, P.E., CP Blast is a Technical Manager in the ELSR Division at ABS Group. LeBoeuf's professional experience includes 18 years of protective design experience. He is a recognized blast consultant within industry having published more than 20 papers on explosion effects and practical approaches to protective design. LeBoeuf earned his B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering (Structures) from The University of Texas and is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states. He has extensive experience in performing advanced analysis with FEA and hydrocode solvers. 

Nelson Duran, CP Blast is a Technical Manager in the ELSR Division at ABS Group. He earned his M.S. in Civil Engineering (Structural Control Emphasis) from The University of Notre Dame and has over 15 years of professional experience in dynamic analysis and design of structures and equipment to resist blast loads from high explosives, vapor cloud explosions and bursting pressure vessels. Duran has analyzed and designed a variety of structures including reinforced concrete structures, unreinforced and reinforced masonry structures and steel frame structures. He is experienced in the use of several industry accepted computer codes to predict shock and gas loadings on structures for accidental detonation of high explosives as well as vapor cloud explosions, FEA and hydrocode solvers.

Mr. Barker, Mr. LeBoeuf and Mr. Duran have participated in more than 40 Security by Design projects in Singapore dating back to 2006. Each are listed as Competent Person (Blast) with the Centre for Protective Security and are have working knowledge of the IPA and Security by Design process.


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