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ABSG Maritime Day at the Navy Yard

October 26, 2023

Maritime Cyber Summit

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ABSG Maritime Day
at the Navy Yard

Hosted by ABS Group

26 October 2023 | ABS Group - DC Office

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True Cyber Resilience for Ships, Ports and Terminals

The cyber risks the maritime industry is facing are evolving, as are the solutions to help mitigate the risks. As a long-time contributor to the Maritime Transportation System (MTS), ABS Group is proud to host the first ABSG Maritime Day at the Navy Yard. At this summit, MTS stakeholders will receive information about emerging threats, the changing regulatory environment and cyber risk mitigation solutions. Our agenda will feature representatives from ABS Group, Dragos and MAD Security, creating an outstanding opportunity for participants to converse with other MTS stakeholders about cyber risk management, security priorities and the unique challenges and opportunities surrounding the maritime industry.

You're Invited!

Join Us for ABSG Maritime Day at the Navy Yard

Join us at our exclusive ABSG Maritime Day at the Navy Yard, hosted by ABS Group at the DC office.

What We'll Cover:

  • Pressing cyber threats and vulnerabilities in the maritime industry
  • Maritime perspectives in policies and regulations
  • Shipside cyber risks
  • Shoreside cyber risks

Please RSVP by October 19, 2023

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Agenda At-A-Glance

Thursday, October 26, 2023
11:00 AM Welcome Remarks
Blake Benson, ABS Group
11:15 AM Cyber Threat Brief
As adversaries expand their capability and intent to attack Operational Technology (OT) systems, the threat to the MTS grows. Awareness of the tactics attackers are employing against the MTS can help organizations better prepare to defend their operations. Industry leaders in cyber threat intelligence will discuss the emerging threats that should be top of mind.

Liz Martin, Dragos
Kyle Hartner, ABS Group
12:15 PM Lunch Break
12:45 PM

Panel Discussion: Maritime Perspectives in Evolving Policies and Regulations
Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly integrated into MTS regulatory frameworks. MTSA, IMO Resolution MSC.428(98) and even conditions of class like IACS UR E26/27, all include cybersecurity as an important factor. In this changing environment, simply knowing what regulations your organization needs to comply with can be a challenge. This panel will highlight some of these regulations and how they are currently changing.

Moderator: Ret. RADM Joe Servidio, J A Servidio
Panelist: Michael DeVolld, Royal Caribbean Group                                                                                  Panelist: Nick Parham, U.S. Coast Guard
Panelist: Michael Hensley, ABS

1:30 PM

Working Groups - Breakout Discussions
Working Group Option 1: Shoreside Cyber Risks and Solutions
The recent ransomware attack on the Port of Nagoya has confirmed that cyber systems lie at the heart of well-functioning ports and shoreside facilities. In this breakout session we will cover common vulnerabilities in these systems and recommend controls to help improve your facility’s cybersecurity posture.

Liz Martin, Dragos
Blake Benson, ABS Group

Working Group Option 2: Shipside Cyber Risks and Solutions
Ships are no longer just electromechanical machines controlled by physical controls and circuitry, but rather complex cyber-physical systems. Understanding the risks these systems face and the management and technical solutions to help mitigate these risks can be a challenge. This breakout session will cover the common vulnerabilities we see in our cybersecurity assessments of ships and recommend controls to help improve your ship’s cybersecurity posture.

Carmen Ianello, U.S. Navy
Cliff Neve, MAD Security
Brittany Bomgardner, ABS Group
Austin Schall, ABS Group

2:45 PM Closing Remarks
Ryan Moody, CEO, ABS Group


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