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Revisions to SAAS Procedure 200 v4.2 - Advisory 2022-1

February 1, 2023
ABS Quality Evaluations

A Communication for ABS QE SA8000 Clients

In accordance with SAAS "Accreditation Requirements" Procedure 201A, SAAS conducted a special investigation earlier this year to address serious interested-party concerns related to the delivery of SA8000 audit services. Concerns about a lack of SA8000 commitment by SA8000-certified company management were fully substantiated. Results also illustrated inappropriate collaboration between the SA8000 client, consultants and the CB’s SA8000 staff/auditors, and significant audit deception.

On behalf of SAI and its stakeholders, SAAS is taking significant steps to better assure the SA8000 accreditation program. The advisory (SAAS Procedure 200: SA8000 Advisory 2022-1) has been published to supplement SAAS Procedure 200.

The new advisory better defines expectations for the interpretation of SA8000 requirements and SAAS requirements related thereto. Due to the global nature of the risks identified, SAAS requires every SA8000-accredited certification body to take appropriate actions in accordance with the requirements of this document. All SA8000 applicants and certified companies are also expected to fully conform to the requirements of SAAS Procedure 200 Advisory 2022-1 by December 31, 2023.

In this way, ABS Quality Evaluations added the SAAS Procedure 200: SA8000 Advisory 2022-1 requirements as part of internal procedures, and effective implementation of the new requirements starts as of February 1, 2023.

Please review the advisory contents, and if you have any questions, please contact ABS Quality Evaluations.

Why ABS Quality Evaluations?

ABS Quality Evaluations (ABS QE) has front-end engineering design and construction management experience in a variety of industries around the world. Having worked with the leading international engineering, procurement, project and construction management organizations, we understand the needs and pain points that the construction industry deals with. With an array of service offerings and expertise, we can provide your organization with the highest level of training and certification available to meet compliance standards.

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