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ABS Nautical Systems Supports Data-Driven Pilot Project for Digital Class Survey

August 20, 2020

ABS Nautical Systems Supports Data-Driven Pilot Project for Digital Class Survey

A historic agreement utilizing data-driven strategy to support a new approach to digital class survey is underway. P&O Maritime Logistics (POML) will use ABS Nautical Systems' (NS) digital maintenance management system to transmit planned maintenance management data and condition-based maintenance activities to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). This partnership with POML will pioneer a condition-based class (CBC) pilot project aboard the platform supply vessel, DMS Courageous.

The pilot project will take place aboard the platform
supply vessel, DMS Courageous.

While the maritime industry is currently facing a period of disruption due to COVID-19, NS' previous development of innovative solutions has effectively replaced several traditional shipping methods. An early realization of the need for digital transformation has allowed clients to seamlessly embrace digital tools and technology.

The project will be completed in three (3) progressive phases. Phase 1 focused on improving alternative means of compliance verification. Now underway, phases 2 and 3 will focus on data integration and the ongoing monitoring of machinery and hull health. This will be achieved using sensor technology and operational data transmitted through ABS and NS integration. Anticipated results include increased control over the status of degradable systems, reduction of operational risk and an increase in situational awareness and human reliability.

This pilot program reflects the evolution of the maritime industry in the digital world, creating a data-driven, streamlined survey process for shipowners, operators and managers.

Read the official press release for more information about the CBC pilot project.

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