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Event Recap: ABS Nautical Systems 20th Annual Virtual User Conference

September 25, 2020

NS Virtual User Conference 2020


Nautical Systems User Conference

Global users connected during a virtual experience to learn more about NS Enterprise, the leading maritime fleet management software with more mobile applications than any solution on the market.

ABS Nautical Systems (NS) hosted the 20th Annual Global User Conference from 15-18 September 2020, sharing the latest updates and demos of their leading maritime fleet management software to clients around the world. Given the impact of COVID-19, the conference was hosted virtually, with users participating via a live webinar series. During the four-day event, multiple topics were discussed, including how to digitally transform businesses with software solutions, product advances for asset and compliance management and updated capabilities for digital ship operations.

This year's virtual conference theme, "Driving Digital Transformation Through Data," aligned with NS' ongoing mission to support digitalization across the maritime industry. Key solutions delivered by Nautical Systems benefit ship owners and operators by focusing on compliance issues, improving processes for more efficient and reliable ship operations and enabling better access to quality data for faster, more accurate decision-making.

"Data lies at the heart of our industry's digital transformation," stated Evan Gooch, ABS Nautical Systems President. "Making data-driven decisions can transform fleet operations and revolutionize the way you work onboard."

Several software applications were featured during live demonstrations, providing exclusive access to the expanded and increasing mobile capabilities of key software modules, including NS Insight, NS Mobile, NS eLogs and compliance solutions for Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Vessel Certificates. In the spotlight were new mobile applications now available to help manage crew member safety and activities anywhere, anytime. "Our applications allow owners and operators to be able to manage their operations and build upon the safety cultures they already have," explained Brandi Whitehurst, Global Customer Support Manager at NS.

Learning and collaboration drive the success of the NS Global User Conference, with live question and answer sessions incorporated daily to cater to the needs of clients' most pressing operational challenges. "Customer feedback and customer experience are key to our software development and design," said Kashif Mohammed, Product Development Manager at NS. "We provide demos to the customers and then implement their feedback back into the applications. Powerful, simple and reliable. We stick to that model."

While this year's virtual user experience kept the community connected through digital platforms and social media (#NSUC2020), the Nautical Systems team plans to resume its traditional live event in September 2021 in New Orleans.


NSUC2020 Team

Experts from ABS Nautical Systems and ABS Group came together to host a live webinar series for NS users around the world. Pictured left to right: (back) John Hathaway, Darren Unger, Stuart Lester, Brandi Whitehurst, Kashif Mohammed, Oscar Diaz; (front) Evan Gooch, Tricia Bell, Daniel Fischer.

Evan Gooch, ABS Nautical Systems President, kicks off the opening session of the NS User Conference.

John Hathaway, Director of Product Management, discusses 2020 highlights and product advances.

Kashif Mohammed, Product Development Manager, demonstrates NS Insight features.

Brandi Whitehurst, Head of Global Customer Service, hosts a live Q&A about NS Mobile Apps.

Darren Unger, Global Sales Director, explains how NS eLogs improves regulatory compliance.

About ABS Nautical Systems

ABS Nautical Systems is recognized as the leader in maritime fleet management software, supporting digital transformation across marine assets and providing powerful business intelligence solutions for a complex world. Our reliability-based software and compliance management solutions have helped mariners solve real-world operational challenges for over 30 years. Today, our advanced software platform NS Enterprise supports faster, more accurate decision-making to help the marine and offshore industries improve efficiency, enhance safety and drive performance. Learn more about ABS Nautical Systems software solutions and services.

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